Next Steps in Counselling (Level 3)

This Course is Quality Checked by the National Counselling Society

The ‘Next Steps in Counselling’ course is our part-time intermediate Counselling qualification, designed for those who want to build on the skills learned at level 2, particularly practical skills.

As with our other courses, we aim to bring creativity and variety to our teaching and encourage our students to approach their training from lots of different angles. This course will cover important key elements such as personal awareness, ethical practice, and listening skills.

Skills practice on the beach

The Next Steps course is hosted in the same, beautiful location that our others courses run from and like our other courses, we will (when the weather is on our side) use the garden and the beach as our classroom.

Course content includes:

  • How to structure a session
  • Intermediate listening skills
  • Ethics in Counselling
  • Developing self-awareness in Counselling
  • Introduction to Counselling Approaches:
    • Psychodynamic
    • Humanistic

Please note that this course, whilst being an excellent progression from level 2, will not in itself qualify you as a Counsellor. To be recognised by the profession as qualified, you must have at least a level 4 Diploma in Counselling; this generally excludes distance learning courses, so please do your research before choosing! Students completing our ‘Next Steps’ course will automatically be entitled to an interview for the Level 4 Accredited Diploma in Professional Counselling.

Entry requirements for this course are:

A level 2 Counselling Qualification


Work experience in an appropriate field (teaching, social work, nursing, occupation therapist etc).

Note: Before applying for the Level 3, it’s important to be aware that progression to the level 4 course is only available to applicants over the age of 24 years, at the time of Level 4 application.

Fees and Dates:

Course fees are £1100 per learner.

The ‘Next Steps’ course runs weekly, between October and July 2020

Next intake:

September 2019 – FULL

September 2020 – PLACES AVAILABLE (filling up fast)

Evening and Day Courses