CPD Workshops for qualified Counsellors

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*Please note that prices are per person and that all workshops are based at our main centre in Lydd-on-Sea and unless otherwise stated, will run between 09:30 – 16:00 with an hour for lunch. Workshops run subject to registered interest*

Spirituality in Counselling (18th Feb) - £60

The seminar will offer a definition of spirituality, an instrument to evaluate your own sense of the non-rational in yourself and when with clients. However, the nature of the subject means that any impression of precision about the definition is transitory as we seek together to explore our practice.

Tutor - Chris Bocutt

A TA Taster (18th Mar) - £60

This short workshop has been designed to introduce the core principles and concepts of Transactional Analysis. We will look at the main principles of TA as well as core concepts such as Ego-States, Transactions, Strokes and Scripts. It will include discussion on how we might apply them to practice within an Integrative model.

Tutor - Nick Langley

Finding the Balance (1st Apr) - £60

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. This will be a gentle day to help you consider what you can do inside and outside of the room to support yourself and keep yourself in balance.

Tutor - Lindsay Thompson

Exploring Existential ideas in Counselling (20th May) - £60

This workshop has been designed to introduce the key principles and ideas that inform the Existential way of working. It will cover both the philosophical principles and ideas, and the ways in which these have translated into practice.

Tutor - Nick Langley

Working with and Creating Mandalas (24th Jun) - £60

This workshop will look at some of the history and theory surrounding mandalas. We will consider how they can be used for yourself as a tool for development and self-reflection; and how they can be sometimes be used with clients.

Tutor - Lindsay Thompson

Affirmations & Vision Boards (8th Jul) - £60

Einstein said: "logic will get you from A-Z, Imagination will get you everywhere else". This day looks at how we can support ourselves to use intention and 'active imagination' to give us focus and direction in our life.

Tutor - Lindsay Thompson

Self Harm (29th Jul) - £60

During this workshop, we will look to define, explore and plan for clients who are self-harming. The various forms of self-harm will be covered as well as ways in which we can work with self-harm as Counselling Professionals.

Tutor - Ros Russell

Creativity & Imagination (19th Aug) - £60

Some research suggests that whether we walk on a mountain or only picture it, we activate many of the same neural networks. So this workshop will be about linking the mind and body using our imagination to create helpful images.

Tutor - Lindsay Thompson

Working with ASD in Counselling (Date TBC) - £60

This workshop will help you to understand a bit more about Autism and will explore ways in which Counselling practice may need to be adapted in order to work with effectively.

Tutor - Ros Russell